It all started when…

When Maggie’s mother returned from Tokyo with a beautiful kimono as a gift, the beguiling yet occluded world of Japanese culture was presented. It was just a peek of the incredible art, design and messages and tradition that kimono represent.

One day, after several years of passionate searching for more kimono treasures to add to her collection, yet another parcel arrived from Japan. Overflowing with excitement, she opened the box… holding up a real Taisho beauty in dyed silk crepe, her eyes flew over the surface. In minutes she realized that she had switched to design-spotter mode… identifying every motif and its associated meaning. She suddenly exclaimed: “I can’t believe this! I can read kimono.”

Gradually, lovingly and studiously, Maggie Healy has uncovered many secrets and tradition through her research, incredible people, and experiences in Japan. She continues to learn aspects of Japanese culture and welcomes your questions and collaboration.