Coy Koi

Matt black silk in an airy weave called Ro forms an elegant backdrop to this lavish unlined kimono.

In Japan, selecting what you wear in summer to give the impression of coolness is important for onlooker as much as wearer. It is part of Wa - considerate behaviour for the greater good, leading to harmony in society. Even one’s choice of clothing is made so as not to appear to suffer the heat, which might add to others’ discomfort.

The spectacular design looks down into a cool, dark pond. The silver threads which form the shapes of the Koi carp, some partly hidden, shimmer beneath a whirlpool. The rippled surface reflects sunlight, shown as a flash of undyed white textile.

Floating above the fish are fronds of a radiating aquatic plant called Mosaic Flower, a delicacy for pond inhabitants. The image has an almost voyeuristic quality about it, as the viewer catches glimpses of these little gourmands, surfacing to feast.

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Jan Morgan