Espace D'art Contemporain "poulet De Gruissan"

boys kimono at the ESPACE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN

19 May - 17 June 2018

Here at the Poulet de Gruissan Gallery of Contemporary Art, the significance of art and design within kimono is revealed… the secret messages and desires on kimono robes spanning 150 years of costume history.

Kimono et Encre was a visual journey, along a modern-day silk road, signposted by a master calligrapher’s response to vintage dyes and woven kimono. The origin was a rendez-vous between two friends, keen to explore how they could embrace the perennial question that is key to the understanding of Japanese culture.

What is the aesthetic message?

The result was Kimono et Encre.

Facilitating a deeper awareness, insight or empathy, after the initial glance at what the artist has created, was an exciting challenge, given the media involved. There was an unveiling of the auspicious cultural messages that are originally intended by the wearer of these vintage garments.

With the women’s Kimono, the viewer is guided to consider the subtleties of emotional response revealed by textile design and key aesthetic concepts, which are so intrinsic to Japanese culture.

The section on Samurai emphasizes Bushido, the warrior code of unquestioning loyalty, obedience and valuing honour above life. Men’s jackets are turned to show lining designs, uncovering a normally hidden masculine world of hopes, desires and ambitions.

Children’s Kimono reveal the cute and pretty for girls, while boys wear images representing their families’ aspirations for them, to encourage growth in a socially and spiritually correct direction.

Ayuko Miyakawa

Ayuko Miyakawa’s sensitivity to Japanese aesthetics played out in ink on paper. Her interpretations of kimono design brought further dimension and spirit to what the kimono artist intended to convey.

Maggie Healy

Maggie Healy has curated vintage kimono from her collection. She shares her profound understanding of motif and pattern, acquired over 20 years of research, personal contacts and visits to Japan