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Through Japanese Kimono Art , the viewer discovers a deeper sense of kimono and of Japanese culture. It is the Japanese principle of aesthetics that forms a cultural point of reference, and here in these pages the principle is celebrated through kimono.

Exploring motif reveals a sense of meaning, and perhaps an intended subliminal appreciation. From the shadows of a design… hidden qualities of a lining… application of a colour… we recognize and intuit a particular kimono or obi’s deep purpose. We learn and even adopt the wearer’s wishes and desires!

In these pages together we read kimono art. We slow the moment. We delight in motif, meaning, custom and message.

exposition KIMONO ET ENCRE, france

Kimono et Encre (2018) was a visual journey signposted by a shudo-master’s personal response to vintage, dyed and woven kimono. From her collection, Maggie Healy curated kimono specifically to illuminate motif and pattern concept in Japanese kimono art. In so doing, she illuminated her own skills; honed over 20 years of research, personal contacts and stays in Japan.

The secrets and desires uncovered in this expo presented the auspicious cultural messages that are occluded, yet intended, by the kimono designer and wearer…